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Removal services

National Removals with Bluespace

Bluespace has a network of centers. which facilitates your move. We offer packaging, transport and storage services at the best price in combination with the removals.

With your move, we offer you the packaging with high quality self-contained boxes. We take care of the transport of your belongings. This is a complement to our storage service for all your belongings.

Contact us in our contact section. We always offer the best price and solution for what you are looking for.

Bluespace also offers security and warranty on your storage service.

Moving with Bluespace couldn’t be simpler
Pack your belongings
Our professional team will take care of packing your items to protect them during transport or you can pack them yourself by buying the material in our shops.
We pick up your things
We come to your home/office to pick up your things with our professional removal team from Monday to Sunday. Don’t worry about anything, leave it in our hands!
Do you need to store your belongings for a while? At Bluespace we have 5 storage centres where we can store your things for as long as you need.
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